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This elegant boutique hotel recreates the atmosphere of a Song dynasty village among fragrant tea fields hidden in the picturesque valleys of Hangzhou. In-room Chinese massage represents an opportunity to sample the benefits of one of the world's oldest medicinal traditions.
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Whether employing traditional materials, crafts or craftspeople, there's an attractive contemporary twist to the "Made in China" label at the high end. Take a private tour of a designer studio and make sure to access the advice of our multifaceted army of shopping experts.
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Beautiful buildings, bridges and ways of life remain almost unchanged in China’s more ancient villages like Hong Cun, retaining a genuine atmosphere of antiquity. From the terraced Guilin paddy fields of the south to the stony Himalayan Mountains of the north, unspoiled natural beauty abounds in China.
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Real Chinese food is quite unlike that foil-box stuff you know back home, plus it’s ten times tastier. Delve deeper into the many regional cuisines of China by partaking in one of our popular cooking lessons or culinary tours.
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