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Study the gentle, low-impact movements of qigong and taichi. Meet masters of feng shui, acupuncture and calligraphy who can connect you and your meridians with millennia of ancient traditional Chinese wisdom.
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Take time to escape the city and experience the traditional China of a million villages among the enchanting karst mountains of Guilin. From the wild flower valleys of Shangri-la to the purple clouds of the Huangshan Mountains, China’s natural beauty bewitches the first-time visitor.
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Hong Kong's prosperity depends on its importance as a shipping hub. There’s no better way to experience the essence of the world's freest economy than a cocktail cruise around the harbor, celebrating with a symphony of skyscrapers that come alive at night.
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To understand today's China, it's important to go back to the Cultural Revolution, an author explains. Ask an ex-freedom fighter, economist or Great Wall explorer to guide you through the curious crannies of ancient and modern history.
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