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Private Touring

Luxury Tours to China

To provide a memorable and relaxing vacation to China, we rely on customizing an itinerary around your interests, tastes and expectations.  In the same way that a tailor would invite you for a personal fitting to create a garment that hangs elegantly about you, so we need to know as much as possible about your travel preferences to design an itinerary that is ideal for you.  When you inquire about a private tour to China, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire that helps us identify the destinations, hotels and Imperial Moments that will be right for you.

We invite you to choose between two private touring alternatives, which we name “Ultimate China” and “China Escapades”.  The former is our premier service; the latter is superlative when compared to other available travel services.

Comparison Ultimate China China Escapades
Summary A vacation without a care; Ultimate China is anchored by the China Host, a versatile butler cum cultural attaché handling everything from wake-up calls to spontaneous itinerary changes & one-of-a-kind requests for a seamless, flawless experience. A more independent experience, China Escapades suits guests who prefer greater involvement in managing their trip; who consider the hands-on style a deliberate and integral part of travel exploration.
Accommodation Best 5-star (or best available in each destination)
Vehicles Best-in-class; unlimited use Best-in-class; until 10pm
Meals Nearly all meals included Breakfast & lunch included
Gratuities Included, except for China Host Not Included
Shopping Curated venues – no commission-shopping whatsoever
Special Activities All possible
Destinations All possible Dunhuang & Huangshan not offered
Guest Support China Host 24/7, China-based, Western Virtual Concierge
Price for 2-person tour* US$1,670/person/day US$1,065/person/day

To begin planning your own tour, please complete our short profile questionnaire or email us at

* Please note this is a guideline price for a fully inclusive itinerary. It can but be approximate. If there are more than 2 people in your party, the per person price will fall.  Similarly, if your itinerary visits remote destinations or you embellish it with hotel suites and first class airline travel, the price will rise.  Please inquire for more details.

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Marci & Andy Shapiro
"We have traveled to all seven continents including organized tour requirements to places such as but not limited to Antarctica, Australia, Botswana, Galapagos Islands, Israel, Jordan, South Africa, Turkey & Zambia - it bears repeating, Imperial Tours is the BEST!"
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