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High Quality Products Made in China

For many years, travelers in China were routinely offered low-quality souvenirs or designer knockoffs. These items are still available, however an exciting phenomenon has taken place in the Chinese design space that gives travelers many more purchasing options. China's core strengths in crafts and materials have inspired a new breed of designer, both Chinese and foreign, to redefine the “Made in China” label to create high-quality products for modern lifestyles.

Do note that it is Imperial Tours’ policy for our guides, China Hosts, local partners and drivers to not accept commissions on any products you purchase. Their compensation is based on merit (not kickbacks), and this policy – rare amongst tour operators in China - frees us to take you to places offering high quality products and good value for money. Your China Host is also knowledgeable of our in-house shopping destinations, and will go the extra distance to find items you seek. Apart from traditional items sourced in China, such as silks, ceramics, pearls, lacquerware, ink-brush paintings, and more, your China Host can also bring you to smart boutiques and the private studios of internationally-acclaimed fashion designers.

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    Handmade crafts include kites by the grandson of the Emperor’s personal kitemaker
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    Creations from today’s trendiest fashion designers
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    Leveraging traditional skills, crafts or materials for innovative contemporary design
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    Chinese contemporary art - creating waves in international auctions


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R.C. & K.C.
"If we wanted to buy something, our guides knew exactly where to go, what the cost should be and were able to negotiate far better than we could."
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