Huangshan, which translates as “Yellow Mountain” is a site of breathtaking natural beauty. Flagstone-lined trails run up the mountain and along the ridge line taking walkers from one spectacular panorama to the next. Vistas contain all the elements of a utopian traditional Chinese ink painting: granite tusks pierce swirling mists; a waterfall cascades into a stream by which in a clearing stands a pavilion beneath the shade of some pine trees. This paradisiacal vision of humans living harmoniously in nature can be contemplated here.

Not far from the mountain are some of China’s best-preserved Southern Song and Ming Dynasty (1127-1644) villages. But, you may better recognize them from the Hollywood feature “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. The merchant houses in these ancient villages are examples of the very finest southern rural architecture, which went on to influence the whole country. The style is unique through its emphasis on fengshui or geomancy, incorporating principles of sustainability within their structure centuries before the concept existed in the west. As with the mountain, the villages are to be enjoyed in a very beautiful context. They are found on verdant valley floors between bamboo-lined, steep-sided hills.

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Whilst in spring and fall, you will see mists swirl between the granite tusks atop Huangshan, in the depths of winter cold air compresses a thick cumulus of cloud within the valleys creating an effect known as a “sea of clouds” between the mountain tops.

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In the early evening you will arrive in Huangshan and be transported for a relaxing evening at the Banyan Tree Hotel.
An early morning allows you to take full advantage of your day on the mountain. After ascending the rugged lower portion of the peak by cable car, you will hike for one hour. After lunch you will have plenty of time to explore many peaks and dramatic views.
Tour ancient, picturesque villages surrounding Huangshan Mountain for a rare opportunity to explore the unique design and architecture of the affluent Southern Song and Ming Dynasty villages.

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Situated beside a village which itself is a UNESCO world heritage site, guests will enjoy incredible views of this charming setting and its surrounding countryside. The amiable staff do their best to deliver five star standards in this remote location.

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Ellen, born and raised in Huangshan, moved to Hefei, the capital of Anhui, and then to Shanghai to earn her degree in Hospitality and English. After completing her studies, Ellen returned to her home town to work as a tour guide. Coming from a farming family, Ellen has firsthand knowledge of the local agriculture and has a deep love for her area and its Huizhou heritage. (Huizhou refers to the civilization that developed in the southern part of Anhui province and rose to national prominence.) Ellen is proud of this history and will looks forward to introducing visitors to her beautiful and historical hometown.

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This is one of the best known tea-producing areas in the country. Qimen black tea is its best known tea in the west, but Taiping Houkui and Huangshan Maofeng are much appreciated green teas also. Owing to the region's many wilderness areas, this region's cuisine is celebrated for incorporating wild herbs and plants in stews and hot pots like Yi Pin Guo.


  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Population: 1.5 m
  • Literal Meaning of Huangshan: Yellow Mountain

Brief History

  • 747 – Legend states the mountain is the place of the long-sought elixir of immortality. By Imperial decree the mountain’s name is changed from Yishan to Huangshan
  • 1271 – 1368 – During the Yuan Dynasty 64 temples are constructed on the mountain
  • 16th Century – The mountain inspires the Shanshui (Mountain & Water) school of landscape painting
  • 1606 – The Fahai Meditation Temple is built
  • 1982 – Huangshan is declared a site of scenic beauty and historic interest by the People’s Republic of China
  • 1990 – Huangshan is named a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • 2002 – Huangshan is named the sister mountain of Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps


  • Formed approximately 100 million years, the Huangshan mountain range has many peaks, some more than 1,000 m (3,250 ft) high. 
  • Elevation: 1,864 m (6,115ft)
  • Number of steps: approximately 60,000