One of the most idyllic locations in China, walking through the landscape is like stepping through a traditional Chinese scroll painting. Triangular-hatted peasants drive water buffalos through terraced paddies and wily old fishermen deploy cormorants to catch their dinner. Drift by raft through the idyllic countryside surrounding Guilin and Yangshuo, famous for its tall, needle-shaped limestone pinnacles out of whose steep sides cling improbable forests. Created by the erosion of the limestone plateau, striking karst formations grace the embankments of the misty Li River, some harboring sparkling grottos within. This is a beautiful area to bike, meandering on trails across the valley floor between cultivated fields. Meet with homesteaders to share their lives and learn about their handicrafts. Time in this sublime scenery runs more slowly, allowing you to unwind.


A selection a some of the many incredible experiences that await you

The special touches like private lunches at the base of the limestone mountains in Guilin, to the private bamboo river rafting were spectacular. We will all remember these moments for the rest of our lives!


Custom Itineraries

Explore guilin through the eyes of a local

Guilin can act as a blissful foil for some of China’s urban destinations. After a few days in Shanghai or Beijing, it’s great to enjoy a restful change and immerse yourself in a stunning subtropical landscape for a few days.

We customize each of our itineraries based on your interests and traveling style. The itinerary below forms a base to start the conversation.

After landing at Guilin airport, you will be driven to your luxury accommodation in the countryside to relax for the evening.
In the morning you will drift along the Li River on a traditional bamboo raft. After lunch you will go deep into the countryside for a rare view of rural life.
This morning has been left free, and with good reason. This is one of the best chances to enjoy a little downtime. Go for a swim in the hotel pool or take a stroll along the river.

Luxury Accommodations

Many hotels are scattered through this picturesque area, but only Alila and Banyan Tree offer resorts catering for the international luxury traveler.

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Alila Yangshuo

By nature of Alila taking over an abandoned sugar refinery on the bank of the Li river, the architecture of this property is uniquely successful in marrying its Bauhaus factory heritage with the tenets of this design-focused hotel brand.

Banyan Tree Yangshuo

Banyan Tree took learning points from their trail-blazing foray into Lijiang and implemented them at this successful resort in Fuli, near Yangshuo. As a result, tasteful villas border the Li river bank and two storied town houses form the backbone of this pleasant resort.

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Our China Hosts

Our China Hosts are part of what makes us unique; they help explain our success for over twenty years. Our China Hosts have been hand selected and expertly trained to provide you with the most unforgettable journey. From seamlessly ensuring flawless logistics, to deepening your cultural immersion, to effecting last minute adjustments, in the words of a guest, they take a trip "from excellence to perfection". Before you travel with us, it's hard to imagine what a China Host brings to the party. After, it's hard to imagine traveling without one.

suggested guide: Michael

Growing up in a small rice farming village, Michael owes his passion for hiking to the daily 1.5 hour walk he used to make to the nearest market most days. His love of reading translates into a deep knowledge of Chinese history and medicine, as well as a natural curiosity for other cultures. After his studies, Michael volunteered for "Doctors Without Borders" for one year. In so doing so, he developed his empathy for others and learned to appreciate the little things. Grateful for the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, as well as learn from guests and other cultures, Michael makes sure all visitors to his home are welcomed with warm hospitality.

Fine Dining & Authentic Cuisine

Experience the finest in Chinese and Western cuisine

Delicious rice noodles power this area, particularly for breakfast. Every eatery boasts the merits of its unique recipe for the soup, but nearly all incorporate soy bean, sour bean paste, scallions and chili oil in their flavored meat broth. With bamboo growing by the river, one cannot doubt the freshness of (Suansun Chao Rou) Stir-fried Pork with Sour bamboo shoots. Glutinous rice is used with chestnut, brown sugar and sesame for Yangshuo baba, a traditional sweet snack.


  • Part of the prefecture-level city in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
  • Population: 4.7 m
  • Literal Meaning of Guilin: Forest of Sweet Osmanthus

Brief History

  • 314 BC – A small settlement is established along the Li River
  • 221 – 207 BC – The first administration is set up near Guilin
  • 111 BC – It grows to be named Shi An County
  • 507 AD – The town is renamed Guizhou
  • 1921 – It becomes headquarters for the Northern Expedition Army
  • 1940 – The city is renamed Guilin
  • 1981 – The government priorities the protection of Guilin’s historical and cultural heritage


  • Guilin is located in northern Guangxi province, with topography famous for limestone karst formations and the beautiful Li River that flows through it.
  • Altitude: 153m (502ft)
  • Main River: Li River
  • Total area coverage: 27,809 km2 (10,737 m