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Once upon a time, Suzhou had 200 private gardens, many of which survive today in the old town that anchors this burgeoning modern industrial city of 10 million people. Centuries before being mimicked by countless European palaces, the Chinese reached the profound conclusion that a garden should be experienced as a three-dimensional landscape painting through the artistic deployment of rock, water, trees and flowers in combination with architecture, painting and poetry to achieve a Taoist balance and harmony of man and nature. Visit the historic homes and gardens of these far-sighted aristocrats, scholars and merchants along cobble-stoned walkways lined with trees and flowers beside the city’s ancient canals: The Humble Administrator's Garden and the Master of Nets Garden were both recently recognized by UNESCO as symbols of the city’s magnificent architectural heritage.

"Our local guide was fabulous. Grateful to our China Host for bartering & ordering for us, and for his great knowledge of Chinese culture."
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