Whether fascinated by the prodigious artistic range of the world’s longest continuous civilization, intrigued by the buoyancy of its contemporary art market or curious about what’s moving the needle at international auction houses, China has bags to share. Private access to a normally closed frescoed cave at the birthplace of Chinese figurative art? A meeting with one of the world’s most successful Chinese artists? Want to go behind the scenes with a Director of China’s largest independent auction house? What about doing all this, as well as visiting a stretch of the Great Wall others don’t commonly see, visiting palaces of the Forbidden City normally closed to the public or meeting the owner of one of China’s best private ceramic collections.

Whatever your area and level of interest, from cursory to specialist, from antique jade to cricket-fighting, we look forward to opening doors to deepen your exploration of Chinese culture.

Imperial Tours put together the only thinking tourists’ travel package in the world.

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Enriching Your Trip

See China Your Way

We all dress differently, we all live differently and we all have different interests when we travel. Just as there's no one China, there's no one destination. What we do is customize your itinerary so that you see each destination the way you want to see it.

China's civilization has produced so many masterpieces that there is a wide variety of destinations, sites and experiences to be accessed. A traveler interested in ceramics might wish to add a visit to Jingdezhen with a specialist whilst another might wish to see the Ming dynasty's greatest frescoe at Fahai Temple. The itinerary below aims only to throw up some ideas. If you have particular interests, please inquire for more information. 

Arrive in Beijing
Tian'anmen Square; Forbidden City with Special Access and the Summer Palace
Great Wall with Renowned Conservationist & Private Banquet


Our China Hosts

Our China Hosts are part of what makes us different and are one of the key ingredients to why we have been successful all these years, providing one-of-a-kind luxury experiences in China. Our China Hosts have been hand selected and expertly trained to provide you with the most unforgettable journey through China. From seamlessly organizing the logistics of transfers, to ordering the best food in the destination you're in, before you come to China, it's hard to imagine what a China host brings to the party. After, it's hard to imagine traveling without one.

Many of our China Hosts speak multiple languages including English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Italian. As a resident of China, each of our hosts has a passion for the country that has kept them here. It is this passion for China, coupled with an expert knowledge of the country, which makes our China Hosts so valuable. The impact your China Host can have on your holiday is limitless. For more information on our China Hosts please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Other Interests

Other interests around which you might like to organize your trip