Chinese society has been thinking about wellness since its first medical treatise in the first century BCE. The universe was conceived as a dynamic system motivated by the interaction between yin and yang, or female and male, principles. When energies are in balance, the system, whether Nature or more specifically the human body operates harmoniously. An illness is a sign of imbalance; the system can be healed by addressing the imbalance.

We highlight nutrition, therapies and practice as being useful to visitors. For nutrition, Chinese thought recommends a varied diet, consumed regularly and encourages eating foods appropriate to the season. Therapies, whether massage, acupuncture or moxibustion, are based on the manipulation of chi or energy lines that are thought to run through the universe and along determined paths in the human body. Practice envisages regular wellness exercises such as taichi to foster better balance and control, promote health and slow down certain ageing processes.

Wellness experiences can be interspersed within an itinerary, for example, including a taichi lesson by West Lake in Hangzhou, a visit to a TCM practitioner in Beijing or to a spa in Shanghai. Those who wish for a stronger focus can incorporate more and should consider spending a few days at a wellness center. But, don’t worry, if your idea of wellness involves a round of golf followed by some extensive retail therapy with top designers, we can certainly include these too.

It was an amazing and fascinating trip. Imperial Tours are a class act and took wonderful care of us. Excellent guides brought experiences of the cities and life in China into three dimensional perspective and history.

Mrs. B, New York


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We all dress differently, we all live differently and we all have different interests when we travel. Just as there's no one China, there's no one destination. What we do is customize your itinerary so that you see each destination the way you want to see it.

Wellness and beauty are two sides of the same coin. Nutrition, exercise, regularity, seasonality and balance are common sense topics that have been analyzed and debated by Traditional Chinese Medicine over many centuries. Profit from this learning in an energizing, relaxing and fun itinerary designed for a sophisticated female traveler with a self-indulgent streak.

Arrive in Beijing
Evening Jet Lag Massage
Private Taichi Lesson at the Temple of Heaven, Learn to Cook with Chinese Herbs
Yoga & Hike on the Great Wall, Dinner with Renowned Journalist & TED Speaker


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Our China Hosts are part of what makes us different and are one of the key ingredients to why we have been successful all these years, providing one-of-a-kind luxury experiences in China. Our China Hosts have been hand selected and expertly trained to provide you with the most unforgettable journey through China. From seamlessly organizing the logistics of transfers, to ordering the best food in the destination you're in, before you come to China, it's hard to imagine what a China host brings to the party. After, it's hard to imagine traveling without one.

Many of our China Hosts speak multiple languages including English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Italian. As a resident of China, each of our hosts has a passion for the country that has kept them here. It is this passion for China, coupled with an expert knowledge of the country, which makes our China Hosts so valuable. The impact your China Host can have on your holiday is limitless. For more information on our China Hosts please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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