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They come by the thousands to one of the world’s most exotic, extreme and remote environments, in search of something intangible. For a Tibetan pilgrim, Lhasa is the ultimate mythical, political and spiritual destination, the curtain call on the journey of a lifetime. Walk with these steely men and wiry women who have come thousands of miles on foot to reach that holiest of holies, the Jokhang Temple, before proceeding to the abandoned Potala Palace, home to the absent Dalai Lama.

Lhasa is the soul of a land like no other, a place of intrigue, of soaring religious debate, reincarnation, miracles and self-discovery. Visitors sometimes say they find this otherworldly environment oddly familiar, like a fading fragment of a half-forgotten dream. Perhaps the altitude plays tricks on us all.

"Our China Host was outstanding. She not only took care of our immediate needs but anticipated what we would need for our comfort. Her knowledge of the language & personality was outstanding."
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Joseph Noren & Marnie Miller
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