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Close your eyes, lean back on the sun chair and listen to the lapping of the warm, blue sea. Dangle a toe in the pristine white sand and sniff that gentle, salty breeze. Send the kids off snorkeling, sailing or windsurfing while you finish up that half-read novel. Eat, pray, love or eat, read, swim: The decision is entirely up to you in the “Hawaii of China”.

Violent pirates, exiled prisoners, Imperial Japanese soldiers and Miss Universe contestants have all hung out here at one time or another, although regrettably never all at the same time. That would be the reality show to beat all reality shows on this former penal colony.

Other than sun seekers and water sports enthusiasts, the island today hosts exotic tribes of iron and wooden club-wielding people in plaid shorts and white shoes plowing violent furrows through the tall grass and plentiful sand toward their ultimate goal of 19th-hole enlightenment. Join these swinging strangers, learn their quaint customs and discover a colorful new vocabulary.

"The trip was most enjoyable, our host excellent throughout !! The local guides were all very impressive and gave us a good regional flavour. Compliments to the whole team."
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