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The luxury travel agents recommended here – we call them our China Experts – have all completed a China-centered training course and are uniquely qualified to help you book the perfect holiday with Imperial Tours. They will provide you with assistance in sorting out the complexities of international air, and will provide visa and travel insurance options. Those agents designated as Master Scholars have gone several steps further, having personally traveled with us in addition to having sent their clients to travel China with us on multiple occasions. Find a China Expert in your area or seek the advanced tutelage of a Master Scholar.

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Patti Kunkel
Fresno, CA

In my forty years of planning travel, I've come to live vicariously through my clients; each trip I plan is a labor of love. China is full of little known treasures and local surprises that shouldn't be missed. I'll utilize my expertise and contacts, so together, we can create an unforgettable experience.

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Kris Miller
Cruise Planners
London (near Columbus), OH

My career as a travel professional began in the mid 90s as a corporate agent for large companies; where I coordinated, scheduled and reserved business and group travel.  After many years, and wonderful experiences, I decided to expand my travel knowledge and became a

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Israel Melgar
International Travel Group
Mexico, D.F.

Experto Agente de Viajes. El mundo es del tamaño de tus sueños, hazlo realidad; viaja de la mano de un experto. Lo material es efímero, las experiencias de viaje permanecen latentes en la memoria. Seas viajero asiduo o turista de ocasión la experiencia será indeleble. ¿Listo para comenzar el viaje?

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Ana Teresa de la Fuente
Felgueres Viajes Helena Sa de Cv
Puebla, Puebla
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Ingrid Gomez
Terra Nova
Escazú, San Jose

I began to travel in one of my first jobs  and I simply loved it. Traveling is a recharge of energy and also a challenge. It is a way to learn new things and meet new friends, share with locals their culture and taste new flavors. You have to be open to good or bad experiences while traveling and

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Margarita Guerrero
Corporate Travel Services
Mexico City, D.F.

Inicie mi trabajo como consultor de viajes especialista en CTS desde 1996. Trabajé haciendo viajes de negocios, viajes de placer e hice viajes de incentivo para mis clientes corporativos, en diferentes países, lo cual me dio mucha experiencia.

En la actualidad me dedico casi al

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Joanna Bossowska
Viajes Rosario Flórez
Lima City, Lima
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Gretchen O’Brien
The Travel Authority
Shelbyville, IN

As a Travel Consultant for The Travel Authority, an American Express Travel Representative, I strive to make my clients' vacation dreams a reality. I am a graduate from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice (minors in History, Psychology, and Sociology), but I decided

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Lisa Miller
Andavo Travel
Larkspur, CA

My first international trip was in 1970 and I've been traveling ever since. That first trip was the beginning of a passion that led to 30 years (and counting!) as a travel professional. I grew up in an Italian household and that heritage has led to a lifelong affair with Italy. I've traveled

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