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Glimpse the fairytale China of traditional scroll paintings, where triangular-hatted peasants drive water buffalos through terraced paddies and wily old fishermen deploy cormorants to catch their dinner. Drift by raft through the idyllic countryside surrounding Guilin and Yangshuo, famous for its tall, needle-shaped limestone pinnacles out of whose steep sides cling improbable forests. Created by erosion of the limestone plateau, fantastical karst formations sprout out of the misty Li River, some harboring secret sparkling grottos within. Meet local farmers and learn how to make soymilk, grow fruit or elect their mayor. Relax, imbibe, enjoy.

"Every few minutes I relive another "Imperial Moment". You have both done an incredible job and own a gem of a product! I have been all over the world but your attention to detail, my education and memories will last forever. I can't imagine seeing China for anyone, on any budget without using you. It would be an injustice."
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