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China Hosts

Travel with our China Experts

Before you come to China, it’s hard to imagine what a China Host brings to the party. After, it’s hard to imagine traveling without one.

In essence, a China Host speaks your language, but more importantly, she speaks their language too. She knows China, loves China and wants you to love China too. Acting as a cultural bridge to unravel the mysteries and contradictions of Chinese traditions and society, your China Host coordinates flawless logistics and functions as your on-site concierge to ensure superior quality and service.

While the impact a China Host can have on a tour is limitless, select highlights include:

  • Spontaneously organizing a soccer match between guests and some local villagers in Guilin
  • Translating nationally televised discussions between a provincial leader and a senatorial guest
  • Acting as a personal shopper - "where is the best place for me to buy celadon ceramics in Shanghai."
A resident of China for several years, apart from English and Chinese, many of our special trained China Hosts speak other languages. We commonly provide tours in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Our China Hosts:

Image of Imperial Tours Expert China Host
It is comparatively rare to find an academic who handles the intricacies of Chinese grammar as confidently as the steering of a heavy goods vehicle: Jamie is a breath of fresh air in the bookish world of academia. This unpretentious sinologist, as suavely poised with a billiards cue as he is elegant with a calligraphy brush, is without pride or artifice in providing access to his treasure chest of Chinese knowledge. While not tutoring, lecturing or translating, Jamie has participated as a lecturer and tour director in a number of tours across China, most notably for Oxford and Cambridge universities.
Given her Austrian mother and Chinese father, it's hardly surprising that Lotus grew up in Salzburg and moved to Beijing to graduate from secondary school and univeristy with native level trilingual facility in Mandarin Chinese, English and German. Lotus presents an endearing blend of earnest Germanic methodology with Asian open-heartedness. Accustomed as Guy is to training new China Hosts, he was still taken aback at the end of her training trip when a client sternly admonished him to make sure "you take good care of Lotus." Suitably impressed, he is endeavoring to do so by suggesting her services as a perfect bridge between China and the west both in terms of the information she can provide having lived, studied and worked in China for over a decade and equally by merit of her background. Prior to working for Imperial Tours, Lotus worked in the software gaming industry. The hospitality industry, the most people-focued, is her natural home however.
Image of Imperial Tours Expert China Host: Lotus
Image of Imperial Tours Expert China Host: Jaime
Lured by China’s unique dynamism and potential, Jaime, Mexican by nationality, combined Asian Studies with Economics in his degree at the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Shortly after arriving in Beijing, over a five year period he founded, managed and sold a heritage courtyard hotel, this being a considerable first step into both practicing business in China (with its myriad complications) and the hospitality industry in general. A triathlete in his spare time, there’s no question that Jaime has the stamina, aptitude and linguistic skills to keep abreast of China’s future.
A true cultural explorer, Cerian (pronounced Keriyan) originally from Scotland, has made her home here in China for the past eight years. She studied Chinese at Edinburg University as a route to venture beyond the familiar borders of Europe and gain a better appreciation of the exotic Far East. After deeper language study in Dalian and then Kunming, Cerian was equipped to work for several years in a NGO encouraging the sustainable development of ethnic minority communities in norther Yunnan province. It was during this period that she grew to appreciate and love the rich and diverse tapestry of cultures, foods and nature in China. This period in Yunnan was the catalyst that would not only spark Cerian's passion for life in China, but also her interest to share her cultural knowledge with visitors to her adopted home. After working in the British Embassy's communication department in Beijing for a couple of years, Cerian sought out Imperial Tours as a way to share a more authentic view of China with the world.
Image of Imperial Tours Expert China Host: Jaime
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"China was perfect!! And my China Host was EXTRAORDINARY!!"
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