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Imperial Moments

Explore and Experience China

“Imperial Moments” was a term coined by some of our first guests to describe the feeling of wonder that accompanied their travels through China. From the sheer delight of being introduced to unexpected beauty, it describes equally a range of transformative experiences which aim either to realize subconscious dreams many people share of a particular milieu or to illuminate an otherwise obscure aspect of Chinese life.

“Imperial Moments” are nestled within our itineraries elaborated with experiences uniquely designed to bring out the character innate to a destination. In addition, they are provided in the many optional activities with which we can embellish your itinerary to make it fully responsive to your interests. More often than not, the instinctive curiosity and excitement a guest brings to such an experience opens the moment to a combination of serendipity and intimacy so that its enjoyment becomes both memorable and invaluable. This is the effect of an “Imperial Moment”.

Ideally, every day of a vacation will include one such moment of magic. For some, it might be the satisfaction of spending a few hours with a world expert, whether a historian, an environmentalist or some other.  For others, usually our younger audience, after interacting with an aspect of Chinese culture, for example enjoying a martial arts performance or playing table tennis with a world champion, we hope to inculcate a passion for China that can be transformative. 

We are keen to learn what inspires you about China. We will listen carefully and work to respond to this interest. We just can’t say too much about it here and now because, well, that would spoil the moment.

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    One of China’s best-kept secrets is the romance of many destinations, like this grotto dinner-for-two
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    Collect China chic: peruse the private studio of a top designer or artist
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    Enjoy behind-the-scenes access at top sites like the Forbidden City and Terracotta Army
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    Guests renew vows: Whatever the special occasion – honeymoon, retirement, graduation – we'll create a unique memory
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    Inspire your child with a passion for the East: a young guest samples the Tibetan plateau
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    From Sotheby’s antiquarian to Tibetan musicologist, our diverse array of experts will deepen your understanding


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J.J.M.</br>Paris, France
We could not possibly have imagined how spectacular this trip to China has been. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for starting Imperial Tours and giving us so many &#39;Imperial Moments&#39
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