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Help Me Decide

China is a vast, diverse and beautiful country, rich in culture, food and ethnicities, spread across many cities and regions. You may never have heard of some. Our “Help Me Decide” section aims to help you find the destinations best suited to you. Whether you are traveling with friends or family, motivated by curiosity, a love of knowledge or the great outdoors, in this section, we help you navigate through your available options.

Below we have grouped destinations and experiences by interest, so that instead of trying to understand China according to its various destinations, you can instead explore it according to your interests and passions.

With three millennia of recorded history comprising four massive empires, game-changing technologies, monuments and works of art, subtle philosophers and celebrated poets, China boasts many of our world's most marvellous accomplishments.


A foodie's delight, China boasts a delectable array of vegetables, spices and condiments employed across a range of regional cuisines. This mouth-watering journey explores new dishes, techniques and flavors with top chefs revealing their know-how.

From feeding pandas to dressing as opera singers, from painting kites to plucking a zither, from table-tennis with a champion to martial arts there are activities for children of all ages to inspire a love and fascination for this great country.

Families with older children or people who enjoy more active holidays seek to introduce a range of pursuits. Trek along remote sections of the Great Wall, bike through Shanghai or hike through the Himalaya on Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage routes.

Cultural explorers who ache to get out of the city to reconnoitre distant lands and exotic cultures will encounter spectacular rural landscapes and little known ethnic groups in mountainous borderland areas.

China is a shopping mecca for those who know where to find deals for traditional goods & contemporary design. Add millennia of spa & massage therapies, throw in the most delicious food and you have a compelling women’s itinerary.