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We are passionate about China, and want to share our love for it with you. Explore one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations; one as potentially impactful on our future as it has been on our past. From thousands of miles of Great Wall fortifications stretching from China’s capital Beijing, to the awe inspiring Terracotta Warriors, built as a massive tomb for China’s first Emperor in Xi’an, and further to the futuristic cityscapes of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao, China has something to engage every traveler.

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  • Beijing

    The political, economic & intellectual heart of China for the last six hundred years, one of the most influential cities in the world.

  • Chengdu

    Home to the Great Panda, Sichuan cuisine & the location of the astonishing cultural relic "Sanxingdui".

  • Dunhuang

    A key city on the Silk Road, later to become an important religious center & the birthplace of Chinese figurative painting in the Mogao Caves.

  • Lhasa

    The capital of Tibet, hosting the iconic Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, is the transformative birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Suzhou

    Ancient private gardens let us glimpse China’s inspiring tradition of living harmoniously with nature.

  • Shanghai

    The Yangzi river divides the colonial mansions of the French concession from the dizzying skyscrapers of Lujiazui.

  • Huangshan

    Black granite mountains pierce the swirling mists overlooking a region renowned for its ancient architecture.

  • Guilin

    Craggy limestone towers bestride a lazy river meandering through this lush rural paradise.

  • Hangzhou

    Perennially decadent, forever elegant, this refined ancient capital epitomizes classical Chinese beauty and l’art de vivre.

  • Xi'an

    China’s capital for 11 centuries boasts the Terracotta Warriors and a Muslim quarter that dates to the time of the Silk Road.

  • Pingyao / Datong

    China’s once wealthiest town, Pingyao, has been well-preserved, and is located close to a magnificent Buddhist cave complex.

  • Macau

    The first and last European colony in Asia combines Portuguese architecture and cuisine with what is now the largest gaming community in the world.

  • Hong Kong

    One of the most dynamic and sophisticated business hubs in the world, a city redefining its identity for the future.

  • Lijiang

    A colourful, eclectic & charming border town on the Tea and Horse Route, home to more than 10 ethnic minorities.

  • Shangri-la

    Enjoy traditional Tibetan life in this rural idyll. Drink yak butter tea, visit the local monastery and enjoy the scenery.