Hong Kong Disneyland – fun for the family?

  • imperial I
  • January 28, 2016

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong is a great family destination. You can take a boat ride to see pink dolphins, go on a helicopter ride, take a yacht to Tai-O for lunch, learn martial arts or simply hike along the numerous trails that circle the islands – ending with a dip at Repulse Bay beach or at your hotel swimming pool. Then of course there’s Disneyland – but is it worth a day out of your itinerary when there is so much else to see and do in Hong Kong? We asked Imperial Tours’ newly installed Hong Kong manager, Terence Parker, his thoughts on Hong Kong Disneyland.

Q. When did you first go to Hong Kong Disneyland?

A. I went to Disneyland when it first opened in 2005. 

Q. What did you think of it?

A. It was very small then, but has expanded since. However, it’s still only half the size of what Shanghai Disneyland will be! It’s around two-thirds the size of LA’s Disneyland (which I visited last year).

Q. How does it compare to the Disneyland in LA?

A. Compared with LA, I wasn’t overwhelmed during my visit. Still, it was a fun day out and nice to get lost in fantasyland. Particularly the attention to detail, down to screws having Mickey Mouse heads on them …

Q. Do you think it would be of interest to kids from overseas?

A. Sure – it’s fun and, it has some “Hong Kong flavor” to it versus LA. For example, with the meals served, or the fact the park itself is designed according to Feng Shui principles.

Q. How does it compare to Ocean Park in Hong Kong?

A. Personally, I think that Ocean Park represents Hong Kong much more. It doesn’t aim to be Disneyland, but has a good combination of rides and educational activities, such as a huge aquarium, aviary, other forms of wildlife, and of course the pandas (you can even become an honorary panda keeper for the day there). Hong Kong Ocean Park has thrived for not trying to be Disneyland (well, it pre-dates Disneyland) – and it has worked well.

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