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Hong Kong

“A barren island with hardly a house on it” was how a “mortified and disappointed” Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston summarized his empire’s latest acquisition to Queen Victoria. The London Times concurred in its low estimation (March, 1859): “The name of this noisy, bustling, quarrelsome disconnected little Island may not inaptly be used as a euphemous synonym for a place not mentionable to ears polite.” History has proved them embarrasingly inaccurate.

Whether boarding a sampan to retrace the original landing of Lord Aberdeen, sailing through a flotilla of Hakka boatpeople that still call this harbor home or just standing atop Victoria Peak, breathe in that South China Sea air and imbibe one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Like a sort of Asian New York, Hong Kong seems to have room for anyone, providing safe harbor to peoples as disparate as Sikhs, Jews and Filipinos to name but a few. All live together today in great proximity and relative harmony: different religions, different races, all ready to welcome and complain about the newest wave of arrivals.

"We felt safe, well-represented, and engaged at every moment."
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