Chengdu: A Must-See Destination for Families

  • imperial I
  • April 30, 2013

Image of a Giant Panda Cub from China


Chengdu is a fantastic destination for families. It’s the capital of Sichuan province and home to spicy food, night markets and hot pot. Culture seekers will want to head to a nearby mountain for its Daoist temple where you can learn about fortune telling, alchemy, meditation, and even get to meet a monk and accompany him on his daily routine. For history lovers the Sanxingdui archeological site is not to be missed. First unearthed in 1987, archaeologists discovered a previously unknown, technologically-advanced Bronze Age culture. So much mystery still surrounds the jade, ivory, gold and bronze artifacts excavated here.

Of course, Chengdu’s most famous residents are the Giant Pandas. We recommend visiting the Panda Research and Breeding Centre first thing in the morning when the pandas are feeding; a visit at any other time of the day will afford you a wonderful view of somnolent pandas. Depending on the time of year you visit and the pandas’ breeding schedules, there is opportunity to hold a baby panda, or even spend time in the panda enclosures helping the keepers. What child wouldn’t be excited to spend an hour with pandas!

The Shangri-La Chengdu is offering some wonderful amenities for Imperial Tours clients staying at least 2 nights through the end of August, 2013:

  • Daily buffet breakfast in the hotel’s Café Z
  • Roundtrip transfers to the Panda Research and Breeding Centre
  • One entrance ticket to the Panda Research and Breeding Centre
  • A panda toy