China by Private Jet

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  • March 10, 2015

Image of Traveling to China by Private Jet  Image of Traveling to China by Private Jet - 2

Take your trip to China to unparalleled heights, courtesy of the new partnership between Imperial Tours and Presidential Private Jet Vacations. Now flexibility and luxury intersect at a point of perfection that will make each and every moment of your visit to the Middle Kingdom…Imperial.

Over the course of seventeen days you will experience and personally connect with the extensive culture, history and beauty that define both ancient and contemporary China, all while effortlessly dashing between cities on your own private jet.

From entering a closed-off section of the Forbidden City to walking a lesser-known area of the Great Wall, meeting the Terracotta Warriors up close, relaxing on a bamboo raft as you drift by magical karst mountain scenery, and marveling at the rapid development of Shanghai, China will open your eyes and heart to a land lingering in tradition while simultaneously leading the world in so many sectors.  Private jet travel only makes these wonders more accessible and exclusive. 

Included in the trip are: accommodation in the best luxury hotels in China, private jet transportation and onboard gourmet catering, best available ground transportation, unparalleled sightseeing and access, a Western China Host accompanying you the entire way catering to your every need, meals in the country’s finest restaurants, and of course personalization of any and all aspects of your trip.  This is the ultimate luxury experience in China

For a detailed itinerary and to inquire about customizing a trip, please visit China Private Jet Vacation or contact us.