New Imperial Moment – Discuss Food & Nutrition with a TCM Doctor

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  • October 2, 2014

Image of Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Imperial Tours Imperial Moment in China

If books like Professor Campbell’s “China Study” are to be believed, over the past thirty years nutrition has been underfunded and overlooked by western medicine. By contrast in China the nutritional precepts of traditional medicine remain highly prevalent in contemporary life. For many generations Chinese doctors have categorized foods according to their properties in order to analyze their dynamic impact with the human body, and as a result Chinese people will commonly discuss these issues in their daily life. Over lunch with a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor, you will have the opportunity learn the tested principles of a healthy diet, including the energies of foods, the flavors and directions of foods, the key differences in Eastern and Western nutritional therapy and how to eat with the seasons.


Note: This Imperial Moment is only available now through July 2015 for visits in Beijing.