Spring Break in China

  • imperial I
  • January 30, 2015

Image of Great Wall of China

No plans yet for spring break? Consider China. Whether you’ve always dreamed of going to China, or you’ve visited before and are now ready to introduce your children to the destination, Imperial Tours’ 12 day private Spring Break Tour will amaze you and your family as we welcome you as distinguished guests to The Middle Kingdom…in style.

As soon as you arrive, each child will be given an activity book customized for your particular trip which will include things like treasure hunts and other fun activities. No matter their age, your children will remain engaged, entertained and fascinated by this beguiling country.

Start your adventure in Beijing where you’ll experience the Forbidden City, once home to 24 of China’s Emperors. Learn traditional Chinese paper cutting, visit the Beijing Zoo, and explore the Great Wall of China atop which you’ll be treated to a gourmet lunch while Shaolin Warriors give you a private martial arts performance. If they wish, your kids can participate in the show. Your unique Great Wall experience ends with an egg hunt on the Wall itself!

Next you’ll visit Xi’an to learn about China’s ancient history while visiting the Terracotta Warriors made for China’s first Emperor. From there you go on to Guilin to see the beauty of China’s rural landscape. Here you’ll experience a simpler way of life with bike rides, a bamboo raft ride, and visits to villages where you can meet the locals, wander through rice paddies, and learn how to make soy milk and tofu.

You finish your journey in Shanghai, or the “Paris of the East”, where you will learn to navigate the famous wet food markets while selecting produce for your personal Shanghainese cooking lesson. You go on to tackle Kung Fu with a master who has trained since the age of seven, visit the renowned Shanghai Museum – the best museum in all of China – and be whizzed around the intricate city streets in vintage motorcycle sidecars.

To further customize your trip to China, you may wish to choose from a plethora of optional experiences such as:


  • Exclusive access to a palace of the Forbidden City not open to the public
  • Private tea ceremony
  • Experts who help you gain deeper insight into various sites
  • Ping pong lesson with an Olympic coach or athlete
  • Meeting contemporary artists in their private studios


Why not spend your spring break seeing what makes China the powerful political, business, and cultural hub it is today? Check out our 2015 Spring Break Itinerary  and introduce the next generation to all that China has to offer.