Is China Fun or Educational?

  • imperial I
  • February 22, 2014

Image of Shanghai SkylineChina has been a world superpower twice already, and in the near future it is set to have a major impact both on our lives and those of our children and grand-children.  So then, given its relevance, doesn’t it make perfect sense as a destination for a family trip?  Just because you’re on vacation does not mean that your holiday can’t be educational and eye opening. Bring your kids to China over spring or summer break and expose them to the country’s history and culture as well as its modern development. Let them visit with the founder of a hi-tech business incubator that is fusing contemporary art, technology and business in a creative new setting. Or else, have them tour Tiananmen Square with a former freedom fighter to understand China’s road to economic reform and its evolving political relationship with its people. Tour a Shanghai university with a scholar to compare Eastern and Western educational systems; find out how science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are taught differently here and why these subjects are stressed in Chinese culture.  

While these may all be experiences you want for your child, if you were to ask what his or her dream trip would entail, would it include holding a baby panda or taking a ping pong lesson with a former Olympic coach? Or maybe it would involve a bike ride on an ancient city wall or flying a kite on the Great Wall of China.

So is a trip to China fun or educational? The answer, of course, is both.

Imperial Tours has put together a sample Spring or Summer Break Trip to China for families of three or four. Feel free to customize this trip in whatever way you wish to suit your traveling style, duration, family size or interests. Contact us to tailor an itinerary specifically designed for your immediate or multi-generational family.